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Описание курса

You will:

  • learn the language needed for real-life scenarios;
  • focus on skills ranging from sending an email to designing a web page;
  • get understanding of technical specifications and chatting online;
  • keep in touch with recent developments in the fast moving world of computing;
  • revise and practise grammar and functions appropriate to the needs of IT specialists;
  • practice activities such as planning a cyber café or choosing;
  • get familiarized with typical abbreviations such as MIDI, MME and MPEG.

Course outline:

  • Computers - inside the system
  • Input/output devices
  • Storages
  • Basic software
  • Faces of the internet
  • Multimedia and web design
  • Programming/ Jobs in ICT
  • Networks

Course duration 60 hours.
Minimal language level – pre-intermediate

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