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Master of Science in Finance

Course Language(s)

All compulsory and elective courses are taught in English. All exams and the Master's thesis are in English. Optional intensive language courses in German complete the course programme.

Beginning of Programme

Winter semester (October)

Programme Duration

The programme consists of 4 semesters (2 years): 3 semesters of course
work and one semester to write a Master's thesis.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is 30 April for the following winter semester.

Description of Content

Characteristics and objectives of the programme:
The Master's programme "Finance" provides a unique interdisciplinary education in Mathematical Finance to students from around the world. The programme is based on the three modules:

  • Financial Mathematics,
  • Applied Mathematics and
  • Finance/Insurance

These modules are central to research and education of the members of the faculty. They also form the core of the successful and long-established study programme "Wirtschaftsmathematik" (financial mathematics).

The Master's programme "Finance" provides students with a sound understanding of the modern techniques and theories of Financial Mathematics which are used by financial institutions, consultancies, regulators and many other economic institutions.

Topics of the programme include valuation and hedging of derivative assets, risk management, discussion of regulatory aspects, and operational risk.

Special attention will be given to theoretical foundations from various branches of applied mathematics, which are necessary tools to model complex financial processes and products. Based on a firm theoretical understanding, the programme offers the necessary techniques from Stochastics, Statistics, Applied and Numerical Analysis. Consequently, students will be able to make good use of mathematical practices in order to solve applied problems. In addition to the evident contents from finance, the programme will also aim at the particular strength of the Faculty in analysing questions from applied insurance. Thus valuation and analysis of insurance-related processes and products with tools from financial mathematics will be a key part of the course programme. Furthermore, the students will learn practical techniques from financial engineering and have the opportunity to gain a deep insight into handling the information system "Bloomberg".

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