Unprecedented Ukrainian Trade-Marketing’s Event: Big Trade-Marketing Show. Practice!

On February 1st 2018 in Kyiv will take place meeting of the best Ukrainian and foreign trade-marketing specialists within the All-Ukrainian conference «Big Trade-Marketing Show. PRACTICE». The organizer is B2B Media-Group TradeMasterGroup.

300 participants from 17 regions of Ukraine will meet to discuss the outlined trends and also they will learn a practical use of trends and other methods of trade-marketing in practice. And all this in 9 hours of exclusive practice! Participants represent various spheres of business – manufacturers, distributors, retailers, advertising agencies and also allied industries – a consulting, a merchandising, polygraphy, etc.

The goal of event for Ukrainian trade-marketing specialists is directed on:

1. Discussion and work with each trend that is capable to give a new breath to business in the conditions of the reviving economy;

2. Change of the idea of classical instruments of promotion;

3. Setting goals and forecasting trade-marketing activities;

4. Search for the new opportunities.

The program of the Conference includes five sessions:

Session I. Trend hunters.

1. The analysis of the trade-marketing trends stated at the beginning of 2017.

2. World and local trends of consumer’s preferences in 2018.

3. How to realize trends which haven't been used in Ukraine’s practice.

Session II. From idea to promotion.

1. Preparation and holding the promotion in holidays.

2. New and effective approach in the organization and conducting tastings.

3. Establish of admissible borders of discounts.

4. Effective usage of light decisions at promotion of goods within trade space.

5. A new approaches in motivation of trade team.

6. Master class: "As you’ll call sellers of traditional retail, they also will make such sales to you".

7. Planning a personal promotion in 2018.

Session III. Think like a salesman.

1. Drawing up the effective annual budget on the basis of the sales plan.

2. The analysis of the internal circle of the retailer as a basis of drawing up a trade-the marketing plan. Analysis of the calculation, category, OOS, scheme of the trade space, navigation and the number of cash desks.

3. A research of consumers at the different stages of making decision on purchase, etc.

4. The software solutions which allow operating quickly the data on sales, their cost and time that necessary for implementation.

Session IV. No rules. Big change.

1. Usage of food festivals as platforms for promotion and sales.

2. Offline in online and on the contrary: the reasons of transition.

3. Increase of sales through purchasing of licenses of the world and local famous brands, Reasons, why this approach will not be applicable to every company

Session V. Рartnership in marketing. Organization of partner marketing. Master class and brainstorm.

The third and fourth sessions will be held in parallel. The «Think like a salesman» session is directed to analysts, and a «No rules session. Big change» – on those who promote goods or services in practice.

Conference will let the participants not only to compare their achievements with other trade marketers, but also to become much stronger through practical orientation of a Conference!

We look forward to see you at the grandiose and useful conference from the practical point of view of the trade-marketing specialists!

Besides, big trade-marketing show. Practice will become the place where it is possible to making useful acquaintance and to have an opportunity to expand partner and client base.


How to join with conference?

Details: [відкрити контакти]+38 067-828-22-59

E-mail: [відкрити контакти]ok@trademaster.com.ua

Online registration


You are invited!

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