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I would like to take this opportunity of introducing myself and my services to you.

I am a fully trained and established private tutor of the English language. My experience is extensive and I hope that my services can be useful to your company in the near future. I currently have many satisfied pupils from various types of businesses and companies in Kiev.
With the increasing need for a good level of the English language in the modern Ukrainian workplace I strongly believe that good tuition from an experienced English teacher is the most effective and quickest way to progress.

I can offer various types of courses and programmes to suit all different ages and ability levels. I specialise in such areas as conversation, grammar and writing as well as more structured business and advanced English courses.

I can teach to pupils in groups of all sizes or more normally on a one to one basis in the workplace or home.

The programmes are all highly individual and on the first meeting the pupils requirements and needs are discussed fully before commencing the program. A suitable plan and program will be agreed to enable a fast and enjoyable development of the pupil’s English skills.

Remember, your first trial lesson is free.... so, if you don't like my approach you won't lose anything at all.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for more details.

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