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  • Киев · ул. Политехническая, 41, корп. 18, 209-а
  • Елена
  • (063) 625-27-73

Openware is a US company specializing in setting up DevOps infrastructure, microservices architecture and startup incubator services specializing in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Cryptography. We’re currently seeking candidates to expand our team!

We service Western European and North American companies across a wide range IT of services under instructions and guidelines of our veteran Architects.

We use Agile development for the web in Ruby on Rails, continuous integration and other innovative development methodologies. Operating research and development from Ukraine and Thailand we provide a competitive software quality and development costs suitable for internet startups.

Areas of expertize:

  •  Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  •  Kubernetes
  •  Docker
  •  Concourse, Jenkins
  •  Agile with SCRUM
  •  Cloud: Linux / KVM, GCP, AWS

Please see our github:

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  • бесплатно
  • Компьютер - Программирование, разработка
  • Студенты

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